Feeling Old

College is over. My mom has said it now at least a dozen times, over all mediums of communication, and it sinks deeper each time.

It’s really over.

The sensation is surreal, to have hit almost every milestone you wanted and thought you never would. It just seemed too far way. I vividly remember being thirteen and wanting desperately to drive, and at sixteen I thought I would never move away soon enough. Being eighteen, and just in college, I couldn’t wait to be twenty-one and sit in a bar with adult men buying me drinks.

Now I’m twenty-two and I already feel like age lacks any form of significance. Now I’m just getting older and more boring with each passing day. I like routine, and I go home and want to stay there.

What is happening to me?!?

Discontent with the idea that I’m slowing down (I am NOT allowed to slow down until I hit the next decade) I decided to make a list. While my friends always make fun of my love of lists as a mom-like tendency, this is a checklist for each day, after my work is done, to force myself to get in more of the experiences. I think half of being young is believing you are, and the other half is acting like it. Here’s to never growing up, while I can help it.

In Case of Feeling Old:

-Did you do at least one spontaneous thing today?

-When was the last time you bought something just because you wanted it?

-When was the last time you hosted or even attended a party?

-When was the last time you wore your favorite outfit, or put together a new one?

-What was the last prank you watched on The Office, and how do you replicate it?

-What parts of the city have you never been to?

-When was the last time you spoke to a stranger?

-How does one salsa dance, and where can one do it?

-When was the last time you broke a “rule”, and how did that feel?

-What is interesting about the heroine of your current favorite rom-com heroine? How can you replicate that?

-Who do you want to be more like, and what is that person doing tonight?



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Judy says:

    I love you’re list – the idea of replicating your favorite heroine and HOW is something I had never thoughtfully considered.

    We have so many good examples before us, and it’s easy to just say you like them rather than challenge yourself for the “why,” and then make that change in yourself. Sounds like you’re off to an incredible start. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I hope that list is something you can refer to and add to on your own, whenever you’re feeling stagnant!


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