An Explanation and a Disclaimer

Starting a blog with a main section about my vegan struggle, it comes with the territory to offer a brief explanation of why I’ve chosen veganism.

But before I get into the factors of that decision, I need to make it completely clear that I am not a nutritionist, and am in no way suggesting anyone adopt this lifestyle without careful consideration, preparation, and discussion with a doctor.

It really is important anyone considering veganism actually takes those steps, because the lifestyle change is hard. Anyone advertising veganism as an easy, convenient switch to a guilt-free eating lifestyle where everything can taste just like chicken… they really are selling something that doesn’t exist. Fact is, it’s not easy. it requires a lot of cooking for yourself and planning/preparation for when you can’t cook. It’s very easy to fall off the wagon, and not ask if that muffin you’re eyeing has eggs-when you know it does.

Also, it’s not a solution to eating out of boredom! Trust me when I say been there, done that: you will still do that and gain weight, even if you’re trying to eat only vegetables. Eventually, those pile up too, especially when combined with a ton of hummus.

Guilt-free eating comes from being a sustainable consumer, eating only as much as you need and knowing where the food comes from. The only reason I really chose veganism is not knowing where the animal products I consume come from, and not being able to afford the ones that I wouldn’t feel guilty eating. Eating animals is natural, not eating them for most is a choice. When you are vegan, that means making that choice every day, for every meal.

In my life, making that choice is hard but totally worth it! The release from excess hormones and preservatives, the benefits of cooking my own food, learning to taste things for freshness and flavor food differently- it all makes it worthwhile. The increase in energy from not overindulging in protein is incredible. But its a commitment, and with every commitment you make, it makes you feel stronger and more proud of yourself. And it’s something I have enjoyed committing to so much, I wanted to publicize my daily struggles and triumphs with the lifestyle. No goals, no judgement, just enjoyment.


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