The Unconquerable Gym


I went to 7 AM spin class today! I’ve been on a daily gym challenge, and waking up before the sun on a Monday morning seemed just like the average athletic person thing to do: it only took two minutes in the class for the anxiety to set in. “Make sure you’ve adjusted the bike to the right height for you.”

So… I move this knob, I pull this out?

I love the gym honestly. The atmosphere is infectious, and setting up a place you go that you associate with exercise makes it all the more intentional. (Making the habits I’m starting intentional is something I’m working on. That way, no matter what I have crop up in the week, I feel just as capable of doing what’s best for my body as I did the day before)

It’s still a scary place. There are so many machines, and people using them all differently, there are classes with an extra X at the end of the name or the word BURN in front of them, which makes them literally sound like hell. I’m constantly checking out what other people are doing, to see how stupid I must look in comparison. The gym is where my slight social anxiety becomes a crippling disorder, making the whole idea of wellness seem really impossible.

That’s why I’m challenging myself this summer to go every single day, even if it’s only for a walk around the indoor track. I like the gym, but I don’t like feeling uncomfortable. So it’s time to change that, and set myself up for the most success. The goal of this page will be to ask those awkward questions in each class I go to, or with pieces of gym equipment, and ease that transition into being a gym member, rather than a trial period.

Day #1 fun fact: I should not be so far from the handle bars of the bike that I need to lean across and cling for dear life. One lesson learned, one step closer.


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