Trusting the Flow

I cannot rave enough about how much I love yoga! It’s so good for holistic wellness, and if I could afford it I would spend tons of money on classes until I could be a yogi and make a pilgrimage to India.

While that’s not the case, I sign up for classes as often as I possibly can. It’s my favorite form of no-weights strength training, because you are using your body’s own weight to strengthen your muscles, and you get the post weights stretching benefits. Not to mention the breathing, learning to take a ‘yoga breath’ is life changing.

As I felt my body relax into the post-Vinyasa pigeon pose (I can now do sleeping pigeon because my hips are more open!) I felt myself smiling into the deep stretch. It’s rare that you’re working your body and you smile about it.

What is it, I thought, about yoga that makes me breathe deeply and trustingly in the most uncomfortable of moments? Even when I’m putting tremendous stress on parts of my body, and I feel the discomfort of waking up muscles, we breathe deeper. What makes this so intuitive?

We trust ourselves in yoga, that’s a major tenet of practice. Trust your body. I can breathe openly because I know that this uncomfortable pose won’t last forever. All things, like the practice of yoga, have a flow, and I trust it.


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