I have a weird love of science, being someone who has never studied it formally and never really had a knack for it. Applied mathematics were always some sort of wild animal to me, and watching engineers at work, or physicists (what I would give to marry a physicist, the poets of science) discussing the latest discoveries in their field seemed like visiting an art museum for the first time. It’s exhilarating and inspiring… and I also have next to no idea what it means. But I know it means something, something pivotal.

I chose the name of this blog based on that reverence, because ‘phase’ is a science term. Whether its wave motion or the transition between states of matter, phases necessitate motion. There’s something so comforting about knowing that we are in constant transition, and that’s why we call them phases of matter rather than states; there’s no guarantee we will be tomorrow what we are now.

Phases changes require a vast amount of energy, or so I’m told by the world of science and my middle school memories. Being in transition- let’s face it, it seems like we’re always smack in the middle of a change we weren’t prepared for- requires us to put forth our unexpected best. For me, that’s writing. This process takes all of my thoughts and makes them move forward, a moral to take with me from whatever experiences prompted the response, a result of the experiments that course through the day.

This post is really just a dedication to the writing process. It is my science, my careful application of all I know and believe based on all I observe. It is the promise that all phases end and begin again, that energy is recycled. It is the faith that, whatever changes and oscillations life may bring, I may not know what it means yet, but it is something pivotal and I’ll figure it out once I write about it.


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  1. Mr.Brb_blog says:

    The moment I saw ‘science’ I got hooked. Great.


    1. marahwillow says:

      Thank you so much!


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